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What’s the difference between IPL and Laser treatment?

Pulsed light is often confused with Laser.  While the basic technology is similar, the composition of the beam of light is totally different.

A Laser is a monochromatic light source, which means it has only one colour or wavelength. Pulsed light is polychromatic, which mean it is composed of several colours or wavelengths.

A laser beam is coherent meaning all its waves are identical in length and synchronized with each other.  A pulsed light beam is incoherent because it is made of waves of various lengths.  And lastly, the laser beam is focused, meaning it is concentrated on a small surface, whereas Hairfree uses pulsed light and can treat a wider surface simultaneously.  The energy from the light beam is called “fluence” and it is measured in joules per square centimetre.

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