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Quite simply because with waxing there is no end point.  You will need to go back to the waxing therapist every 4- 6 weeks.  To begin with the treatment protocols are similar every 4 – 6 weeks, but this will soon change because the IPL system will be destroying hairs in a growth phase and […]

What’s the difference between IPL and Laser treatment? Pulsed light is often confused with Laser.  While the basic technology is similar, the composition of the beam of light is totally different. A Laser is a monochromatic light source, which means it has only one colour or wavelength. Pulsed light is polychromatic, which mean it is […]

What is the Fitzpatrick Scale and how do you assess your skin type? The skin is the outermost organ of the body.  Its colour texture and the quantity and quality of hair growth allows us to tell people apart from one another.  This is genetically coded information.  The outward appearance of the coded information is […]

Why do I need multiple treatments? Because we can only destroy a hair when it is in the anagen phase, that is why you need to follow your treatment protocols to ensure the best results.  Generally 20% of your hair is in a growth phase.  

Yes, it is, because of the amazing advances in IPL technology, the hair is heated at a slower rate (we are talking milli-seconds) which results in a pain free treatment.  The other great thing is the glide technology allowing us to cover larger areas very quickly and of course completely pain free.


Hair Reduction

AFT/IPL stands for Advanced Fluorescent Technology/Infrared Pulsed Light. It’s not a laser; the AFT/IPL motion technology continuously hits the deep hair follicle tissue in a straight line at a low dose and high frequency. It is easily absorbed by the hair to decompose the hair papilla pigment and shrink the hair follicle tissue to impede hair growth and achieve effective and painless hair removal.