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Infrared Pulsed Light hair removal (IPL) is a treatment developed to permanently remove unwanted hair. This hair removal solution is almost pain-free and very low hair regrowth can be achieved in just a few sessions at your local Hairfreedom Centre, with 16 locations throughout Australia.

In this article, we’ll explain how IPL hair removal works; the benefits you’ll love after getting it done; and why it’s an amazing investment to save you time and money.

What is IPL Hair Removal?

This method of hair removal is achieved through a qualified technician using a hand piece that emits Advanced Fluorescent Technology (AFT) and Infrared Pulsed Light, applied to the area of hair you want removed, to target each and every hair follicle.

Unlike laser hair removal, which uses only one wavelength, IPL emits multiple wavelengths of light beneath the skin’s surface to kill the growth of every cell that forms a hair. This means that over the course of your treatments (of which the going rate is as low as 3 or as many as 10 sessions, depending on your hair’s growth cycle and the thickness of your hair), hair growth is destroyed before it comes to the surface – leaving you with naturally silky-smooth skin and no unwanted body hair.

At Hairfreedom Centres, you will also benefit from their pain-free removal treatment. This is achieved by using a specialised cooling system within the IPL hand piece which incorporates a water reservoir, particle filter and fans. The water is circulated within the system from the fan-cooled radiator to the hand piece; cooling your skin as the light treatment gently targets your hair follicles.

A pain-free treatment is the result, even when working on areas of the body that are particularly sensitive. Try it for yourself to get painless, hair-free and smooth skin!

The Benefits of IPL Hair Removal

If you’ve been considering a permanent solution for your hair removal woes, IPL could be your perfect procedure. Here are all the reasons why clients love the results of their IPL hair removal that you can enjoy too:

  • Sick of constant shaving or painful waxing? In as few as 3 sessions of IPL, you could be body hair-free for the foreseeable future. Find out why IPL is a great alternative to waxing here.
  • From your first session, hair growth slows and massively reduces.
  • Clients report that it only hurts as much as using an epilator, and the results last much longer – less pain, more gain!
  • Eliminates the horrible side effects of other hair removal methods: shaving rashes, ingrown hairs and inflammation is a thing of the past.
  • After your allotted sessions, you’ll no longer need to spend hours of your week pruning your body hair – meaning quicker showers and more time in your day.
  • Save money on regularly buying shaving products, waxes and hair removal creams.
  • Sessions are generally booked a month apart to allow your skin to recover and demonstrate the reduction in your hair growth.
  • Treatments are so effective that people are enjoying almost zero hair growth years after their last session.

As you can see, there are infinite benefits to getting IPL treatment in place of your regular hair removal method – you’ll wonder why you didn’t book it sooner!

Feel Amazing After IPL

Imagine never having to shave again… How much more time you would have, and how much money you would save by no longer having to buy new razors or tubes of hair removal cream. Well, this doesn’t need to be imaginary – it can be achieved in just a few sessions of IPL treatment.

Never worry about the time-consuming chore of shaving your legs again, or stress about not being ‘bikini-ready’ when your pals plan a trip to the beach. Never leave the house wearing a vest and suddenly suffer the stomach-dropping realisation that you forgot to shave your armpits; or catch a glimpse of a ‘moustache’ in the mirror. Permanent hair removal methods make all these worries a thing of the past.

Contact your local Hairfreedom Centre to arrange your treatment today. They have 16 centres across Australia, from Queensland to Western Australia. There’s a reason why they have so many locations – because they’re the best at performing IPL treatments and their clients love what they do. Start your IPL hair removal journey today and find out why so many people all over the world are undergoing this wonder-treatment.

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