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Women’s beauty and grooming habits extend far beyond just using makeup – and many of the treatments we undergo are focused on body hair. More specifically, removing or adding it.

Over the past decade, eyebrows and eyelashes have received a lot of attention in the beauty media, largely due to the emergence of bushy-browed, doe-eyed models on the catwalks; epitomized by the young Cara Delevingne who first appeared in fashion magazines around 2009. Thick brows and long lashes became a high fashion staple, and women around the globe rushed to emulate it.

The problem was that the in-fashion immediately preceding the bushy brow fad was pencil-thin brows in the early 2000s. Women overplucked their brows into oblivion, and to their horror, found that they never re-emerged again. A whole host of eyebrow treatments were created to rectify this big issue, including eyebrow extensions – and eyelash treatments weren’t far behind.

Eyelash extensions have been exponentially improved over the past few years, with a variety of different options now available to those who wish to have them applied.

Check out the list of eyelash extension procedures offered at Hairfreedom Centres, and the benefits of each kind.

Eyelash Extension Types

Classic Extensions

Enhance the length, fullness and thickness of your eyelashes with beautiful natural extensions that nobody will be able to tell are not your own. The finest and best quality silk lashes are painstakingly applied, one per each of your natural lashes, which last for 4 weeks.

Visit your Hairfreedom Centre every 4-6 weeks for a top-up to keep your lashes looking luscious.

Russian Volume Extensions

This more advanced technique involves attaching multiple very fine silk individual lashes per each of your natural lashes, to achieve a stunning doe-eyed look.

This treatment can be altered depending on the wishes of each client, with different variations of thickness, curl and length available. Once you’ve had Russian lash extensions, you’ll never go back to conventional mascara – the difference is astonishing, and you’ll become addicted to the compliments.

How Eyelash Extensions Are Applied

Feeling apprehensive? Let us soothe your reservations about getting eyelash extensions applied – there’s no pain and it’s over in no time!

  • Attend your salon wearing no makeup – ideally don’t wear any eye makeup for a few days prior to your appointment. The oils in eye makeup could cause your adhesive glue not to work properly.
  • Lie down and let your technician work their magic! Individual lashes will be applied one at a time to your existing lashes, which takes around 2 hours to complete.
  • It’s that simple – after your technician has applied all lashes, you get to walk out with a stunning set of fluttery silk falsies! Remember to book your top-up appointment ideally for 4 weeks’ time.

Lash Extension FAQ

We clear up the myths and truths about lash extensions. Ever heard that they ruin your natural lashes, or the glue is dangerous for your eyesight? We put paid to lash extension lies so you feel ready to book your appointment!

Can the glue damage my eyes?

Generally, no – it’s non-irritating and extremely safe to use around delicate eyes, although as always with any synthetic substance, allergic reactions are possible. There are different types of glue available depending on each client’s sensitivity. If you experience any discomfort, inform your technician immediately who will stop the procedure and find a different solution for you.

Will the glue damage my real lashes?

No – it’s non-permanent and will wear off around the 4-week mark, when the false inserts will start shedding and it’s time for you to book another appointment.

How long does it take?

Applying a full set of eyelash extensions takes around 2 hours but could take a little longer for more technical applications, for instance the Russian Volume Extensions where more individual lashes are applied. Be prepared to spend a few hours in the salon to achieve the best effect!

Can I get them wet?

It’s recommended that you don’t get your new extensions wet for 24-48 hours after application to ensure the glue is fully dry.

Can I wear mascara?

You won’t need to use mascara for as long as your extensions last – your lashes will be fluttery enough with their extensions, and by using mascara you will undermine the integrity of the glue and cause your silk inserts to fall out quicker than expected. If you do want to use mascara, only add it to the ends of the lashes.

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